“Self-help” has a negative connotation for some people.  There will forever be the cynical person who feels these types of books are riddled with clichés and unrealistic advice.  In my opinion, there will always be a group of people that choose to go against the grain.

The reason I appreciate self-help books is because it helps me remain positive.  As a business owner, there are often times when I feel overwhelmed and stressed.  Not to mention, I am always seeking to learn new things.  Being the head of BEintegrated PR with a small staff, a major role I play is that of a teacher.  

A good boss, manager, or supervisor should be able to teach more than just the tasks necessary to complete the job.  Especially in Marketing and PR, so much of what we do involves effectively working with people.  These self-help books cannot only help you understand human personality traits, but also how to translate that into your own success. 

I have made a list of 5 books you can start with.  Feel free to add to this list, but I think this is a great starting point for those who are new to the self-help category.  Again, everything is not for everyone, so take what you can from it.  But whatever you do, do not go into it with a closed mind. 

1 - Ask and It Is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires - by Esther Hicks, Jerry Hicks

This book tackles the importance of the universal laws and the power of having good vibrations.  It also discusses the importance of meditation.  So again, keep an open mind.

2 - How to Win Friends and Influence People - by Dale Carnegie

An oldie but goodie!  While you’re working on yourself, it’s equally important to understand people.  Think skill and technique meet Jedi mind tricks.  This book will definitely teach you how to get your way. 

3 - A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose - by Eckhart Tolle 

I’m grateful for the day that Mama Oprah introduced this man to our lives (joking… not really).  You will be surprised by how peaceful you feel once you realize how not to give in to the “ego” which is the foundation of this book.

4 - Outliers: The Story of Success - by Malcolm Gladwell

Most people want to be successful, and a lot of people admire successful people, but have you thought about how these people attained all that they have?  This book delves into how environment and opportunities mold successful people and what it takes to be successful.

5 - Think and Grow Rich - by Napoleon Hill

By now, many people have probably already read this book.  This book is meant to shape “winners” and to teach you what it takes to be successful.


Of course, all of these books are not keys to unlocking the doors to success and happiness.  Think of these books as road maps to assist you on the road to your “success” and “happiness”.   It can’t hurt you to read them. And if you are too busy to read, purchase the audio books and listen on your drive in to work. Either way, there are many options to help you help yourself.




AuthorBelyne Vil